Post-doctorat at the Team Neuropsychology: Audition, Cognition, Action, PSITEC Lab, University of Lille, Fr, deadline: 25 avr. 2017

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Project TEMDANCE : call for postdoctoral researcher (20 months)


Delphine Dellacherie, cognitive neuropsychologist and associate professor of Psychology at the University of Lille in France (PSITEC Lab – EA 4072 ; Team Neuropsychology: Audition, Cognition, Action), seeks applicants for one post-doctoral researcher position to work in the context of the TEMDANCE project (Timing and Dance as remediation tool for children with rare cerebellar anomalies), funded by the French “Fondation Maladies Rares” (


This is an innovative transdisciplinary project both clinically and scientifically. The main goal of TEMDANCE is to promote social integration and foster school success in children with rare cerebellar developmental pathologies using dance as a new tool for remediation. This is an innovative project in which we plan to assess the effectiveness of a new training program (duration: 8 weeks) based on dance to stimulate rhythmic and sensorimotor skills in a group of children with developmental cerebellar anomalies. The performance of patients in the temporal, motor, cognitive and social domains will be compared before and after training.


The project will be realized in synergy with the Neuropediatric Unit of Lille Hospital (Centre de Référence des Maladies Rares : Troubles du cervelet), as well as with the EuroMov laboratory (University of Montpellier; Rhythm and synchronization team: Pr S. Dalla Bella), the Formal structures of language Laboratory (CNRS - UMR 7023, University of Paris 8) and the Labodanse project (Labex Arts H2H) (Dr A. Bachrach).


The position will last for up to 20 months with a start planned in October 2017. A later starting date is possible but will need to be agreed with Delphine Dellacherie.


The successful candidate will be involved in the design of the experiment, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of the results.


Applicants need to hold (or expect to hold by September 2017) a PhD in Psychology, Neuroscience, or related disciplines. Experience to devise, conduct behavioral testing (preferably in the domain of rhythm/timing perception and performance) and programming experience with softwares like matlab and R and advanced data analysis skills. Expertise in physical or cognitive remediation, in dance studying as well as in neurodevelopmental pathologies would be appreciated. In addition, perfect French language speaking, good relational qualities, the ability to work independently and high proficiency with scientific writing in English are essential.



For further inquiries about the position, please contact Dr. Delphine Dellacherie



Applicants should submit a cover letter describing research interests, a curriculum vitae, one or two representative papers (published), and two or three reference persons.


Please send all materials preferentially as a single PDF file

Applications for the positions should be submitted by April 25th, 2017, to ensure consideration. However, review of applications will continue until the available positions are filled.

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