6 propositions de These-postdoc : NeuroCoG - Grenoble - Deadline 30 mai 2017

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NeuroCoGoffers 6 PhD or post-doc positions

in the field of neurosciences and cognition

in Grenoble – France



Deadline May 30th


The successful PhD students or 2-year Postdocs will join the NeuroCoG program, enabling the improved knowledge of brain and mind through all dimensions, from cells to networks and from individuals to groups, in normal and pathological condition.


The projects will be carried out by the NeuroCoG research teams from Université Grenoble Alpes, in a large-scale interdisciplinary program.




Main areas of research:


• Neural cells and neural networks: intra and inter-cellular mechanisms that drive brain function; integration principles of cell functioning into networks and of information processing into behaviors.


• Cognitive functions: exploring, analyzing and modeling cognitive mechanisms and cerebral substrates of perception, action, language and memory.


• Social and cognitive interactions: effect of social interactions on cognition; effect of technological developments on human-computer interactions.


NEUROCOG : PhD & POST-DOC funding 2017


Application form for candidates, deadline May 30th



Information and application deposit:


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