Collège de France - International Inaugural Conference of the Hearing Institut - 16-17 septembre 2019

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International Inaugural Conference of the Institut de l’Audition

16 et 17 septembre 2019 -  Collège de France - Paris

 This conference will formally mark the birth of the Institut de l'Audition, a new Institut Pasteur research center aiming to promote an integrative approach to auditory neuroscience and to develop innovative strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment.

 In line with these ambitions, the program of the conference includes a broad range of excellent speakers, covering the field of auditory neuroscience in particular but also of sensory neuroscience in general.

 Registration can be done at   (Registration tab), where you will find additional information about the conference. The registration fee is 280 Euros (200 Euros for students) including lunches, coffee breaks and a gala dinner on September 16, at the famous La Coupole restaurant in Montparnasse. Abstracts for poster communications are welcome and can be submitted via the website ('Abstract Submission' tab).


May-Britt Moser (NTNU, Norway)

Jean-Julien Aucouturier (IRCAM, Paris)

Karen Avraham (Tel Aviv Univ., Israël)

Volker Bormuth (Sorbonne Univ., Paris)

Steve Brown (MRC Harwell, UK)

David DiGregorio (Institut Pasteur, Paris) Robert Fettiplace (Univ. of Wisconsin, USA) Paul Fuchs (J. Hopkins Univ., USA) Stefan Heller (Stanford Univ., USA) Ingeborg Hochmair (MED-EL, Austria) James Hudspeth (Rockefeller Univ., USA) Andrew King (Oxford Univ., United Kingdom) Charles Liberman (Harvard Univ, USA) Brigitte Malgrange (Liège Univ., Belgium) Tobias Moser (Uni-Goettingen, Germany) Israel Nelken ( Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Israël) Nicolas Renier (ICM, Paris) Botond Roska (FMI, Switzerland) Shihab Shamma (ENS, Paris) Carla Shatz (Stanford Univ., USA) Christoph Schmidt-Hieber (Institut Pasteur, Paris) Robert Zatorre (McGill Univ., Canada) Fan-Gang Zeng (Univ. of California Irvine, USA)

 Christine Petit (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Luc Arnal (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Brice Bathellier (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Aziz El Amraoui (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Pascal Martin (Institut Curie, Institut de l’Audition) Yann Nguyen (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Said Safieddine (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition) Hung Thaï Van (Institut Pasteur, Institut de l’Audition)

 Organizing committee:

Prof. Christine Petit – Director of the Hearing Institute Prof. Paul Avan – Head of CERIAH, Hearing Institute Dr. Brice Bathellier – Team leader, Hearing Institute Dr. Nicolas Michalski – Team leader, Hearing Institute

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