Fundamentals of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation - 2 days practical workchop Institut des Sciences Cognitives - 9-10 septembre 2019

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Fundamentals of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

9-10 septembre 2019 - Bron

A two-day practical workshop at the Institut des Sciences Cognitives (Bron - France)

This two-day practical workshop, hosted at the ISC Marc Jeannerod, Lyon, will provide delegates with a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to non-invasive brain stimulation. The workshop will feature detailed talks exploring transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) research techniques, as well providing attendees with substantial, extensive hands-on practical experience of using non-invasive brain stimulation equipment.

The workshop programme will feature talks on:

          • An introduction to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a means of non-invasive brain stimulation

          • The basic physiology and principles of TMS

          • An examination of common TMS measurements: motor evoked potentials (MEPs) and phosphenes

          • Methods of identifying brain stimulation sites using ‘hunting’ methods, and neuronavigation techniques using fMRI and anatomical coordinates

          • An introduction to basic TMS paradigms including rTMS and single pulse TMS techniques

           • An introduction to the different transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) paradigms: tDCS, tACS, and tRNS

          • The physiological basis for tDCS and its effects: modulating cortical excitability

          • The physiological basis for tACS and its effects: sinusoidal waveforms causing frequency band changes in oscillatory rhythms

          • Choice of task, control conditions, and stimulation parameters based on functional networks

          • Practical considerations and potential limitations of tES paradigms

 And hands-on practical sessions on:

          • Hotspot localisation and thresholding using single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation

          • An introduction to neuronavigation software and the integration of a TMS site into experimental paradigms

          • Electrode preparation and placement and the effects of anodal and cathodal tDCS on MEP amplitudes evoked by TMS


The workshop will be led by members of the Rogue Resolutions team and Dr James Bonaiuto of the Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod on September 9-10, 2019.


The Institute of Cognitive Sciences – Marc Jeannerod (ISC Marc Jeannerod) is a research laboratory dedicated to the cerebral mechanisms of cognition and its disorders. It hosts several groups of scientists interested in topics such as perception, motor plasticity, attention, decision making, motivation and social cognition. The expertise of its members is decisively multidisciplinary, and includes physiology and psychology, as well as mathematics, economics and clinical disciplines such as neurology and psychiatry. The ISC’s research makes use of experimental models, behavioural analysis and functional neuroimaging, and the ISC  tries to promote strong interactions between basic and clinical approaches in the hope of advancing our understanding of diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia or autism and in order to help in the development of novel therapies for the treatment of sensorimotor and cognitive handicaps.


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