41ème Congrès annuel de la Societé Jean Piaget - 2-4 juin 2011

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41st Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society

2 - 4 juin 2011




The annual meeting of the Piaget Society brings together social scientists and scholars from a broad range of disciplines who are interested in knowledge and development. Individual papers and symposia on cognitive and social development, language and thought, cultural and educational influences on development and related topics are welcome.


Scholars interested in knowledge and development are invited to participate, whatever their discipline Submissions need not address the program theme — all submissions are welcome!


The program theme for this year is:


Organizers: Richard Lehrer and Leona Schauble (Vanderbilt University)



Join social scientists and educators from around the world as they explore new research on mathematical and scientific reasoning, with special attention given to the kinds of tasks, talk, tools, and notations that support its development.

Featuring Presentations by:

  • Andrea diSessa (University of California–Berkeley)
    Science Education—Knowledge in Pieces
  • Anne Marie Palinscar (University of Michigan)
    The Role of Text in Science Education
  • Geoffrey B Saxe (University of California-Berkeley)
    Design Experiments in Mathematics Education: Integers, Fractions, and the Number Line
  • Reed Stevens (Northwestern University)
    Design of Learning Tools
  • Deanna Kuhn (Columbia University)
    The Development of Evidence-Theory Coordination in Science

Invited Symposia organized by:

  • Gary Benenson (CUNY/Graduate Center)
    The Development of Design in Mathematics and Science
  • Rogers Hall (Vanderbilt University)
    Mathematics and Science in the Workplace
  • Brian Reiser (Northwestern University)
    The Development of Modeling in Science
  • K Ann Renninger (Swarthmore College)
    The Development of Interest in Mathematics and Science
  • William Sandoval (University of California at Los Angeles)
    The Development of Argument in Mathematics and Scien



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