Lyon-Grenoble "Rendez-vous" des Neurosciences - 21-24 mai 2013

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Lyon-Grenoble, ’rendez-vous’ des Neurosciences


21- 24 mai 2013


anae neurosciences mai 2013 (2)The French Society for Neuroscience is pleased to invite you to its 11th biennial meeting, to be held in Lyon from May 21 to 24, 2013. This meeting is organized in partnership with the German Neuroscience Society and co-organized by the Neuroscience communities of Lyon and Grenoble. With 10 plenary lectures, 18 symposia and more than 700 poster presentations, all presented in English, this meeting will bring together more than a thousand

participants. Moreover, the partnership with our German colleagues still increases the wide and highly international spectrum of the science to be discussed at the meeting.


In addition, this will be an opportunity for you to discover the Rhône-Alpes area, which, with its two flagship cities and historic sites part of the Unesco World Heritage List, is one of the most dynamic and attractive regions in our country.


The creation of two neuroscience research centres, in Grenoble in 2007, and in Lyon in 2011, illustrates the formidable potential of our region in the field of neuroscience. This organization in centres with complementary and synergistic research orientations, together with the forces of our cognitive scientist, physicist and mathematician colleagues, whose collaboration with is essential, has proven to be very beneficial and productive.


The Rhône-Alpes region gathers a community of about 1000 people working on all aspects of brain functions, from the molecular to the integrative and cognitive levels, and from fundamental to clinically relevant aspects.


In collaboration with major university hospitals, Lyon and Grenoble training and research laboratories in neuroscience have developed a long tradition of multidisciplinary and translational research based on a fifty-year history of successful cooperation between clinical neurology, brain physiology, neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience.


Obviously, inviting you to Lyon without mentioning the French gastronomy would be unforgivable. Therefore, be prepared for some culinary surprise … worthy of the reputation of Lyon, of course!


We look forward to seeing you in Lyon in May 2013!


Programme scientifique


Alfred Fessard Conference

Patricia Gaspar (Paris)

Investigating the singularities of a diffuse transmitter


Paul Broca Conference

Michael Brecht (Berlin)

Social touch and social representation in the rodent forebrain


Plenary lectures


Laure Bally-Cuif (Gif-sur-Yvette)

Origin and properties of neural stem cells in the zebrafish brain


Erwan Bezard (Bordeaux)

Translational research for L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson‘s disease


Barry Everitt (Cambridge)

Compulsive drug seeking habits in addiction: neural basis and treatment opportunities


Laurent Fagni (Montpellier)

Dynamics of the synapse


Pascal Fries (Frankfurt)

Distinct frequency-defined brain networks for top-down and bottom-up signaling


Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (Mannheim)

Neural mechanisms of social risk for psychiatric disorders


Bruno Poucet (Marseille)

Hippocampus and spatial navigation: What do place cells tell us?


Constance Scharff (Berlin)

Unraveling relationships between genes and behavior in songbirds:

parallels to human speech and language




• Sleep, dream and cognition (Chairpersons: P. Ruby, G. Rauchs)

• Advances in understanding human decision making and reward processing by combining

neurocomputational and neuroimaging approaches (Chairperson: J.-C. Dreher)

• Development of gamma oscillations (Chairpersons: R. Khazipov, I. L. Hanganu-Opatz)

• Neuronal cytoskeleton in normal and pathologic conditions (Chairpersons: A. Buisson,

A. Andrieux)

• Neurobiology of insect perception and learning (Chairpersons: J.-C. Sandoz, R. Scheiner)

• Neural dynamics of spatial navigation: electrophysiological data and computational

models (Chairpersons: F. Sargolini, M. Khamassi)

• Assembling neuronal circuitries during cortical development (Chairperson: M. Studer)

• Stressed-out behaviours: developmental, cellular and molecular mechanisms

(Chairpersons: J. Barik, O. FX. Almeida)

• Transnological approach of impulsive / compulsive relationships in neuropsychiatric

disorders (Chairpersons: J.-L. Houeto, J. Volkmann)

• Molecular mechanisms of neuron/microglia interactions in health and disease:

beyond good and evil (Chairpersons: S. Nataf, M. Prinz)

• Multisensory integration (Chairpersons: A. K. Engel, V. Van Wassenhove)

• Sparse and dense neural coding in sensory systems (Chairperson: S. Crochet)

• Cells and circuits for the coding of spatial maps (Chairpersons: J. Epsztein, D. Fricker)

• VEGF signaling and function in the brain: insight into brain plasticity

(Chairpersons: D. M. Hermann, C. Meissirel)

• Observing neuronal assemblies in action through massively parallel recordings

(Chairperson: A. Riehle)

• Impact of glial connexins in brain signalling and pathology (Chairpersons: C. Steinhäuser,

C. Giaume)

• Update on presynaptic contributions to synaptopathies (Chairpersons: E. Herzog,

Y. Humeau)

• Novel brain mechanisms in metabolic regulation (Chairpersons: S. G. Bouret, J.-L. Nahon)

• Fédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau (FRC) / Société des Neurosciences

Symposium (Chairpersons: A. Nieoullon, P. Vernier)


Secrétariat d'organisation

Secrétariat scientifique

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Fax : +49 (0) 30 24 60 3-200

Société des Neurosciences
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